Real vs. Fake Oral B Replacement Brushheads
October 5, 2009, 8:37 am
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The mister and I use electric toothbrushes.  We both love it.  My teeth feel clean and polished everytime.  For a time, we both had Sonicare and then started using Braun Oral B. In comparison, I prefer using Braun Oral-B for the smaller brushhead and seemingly longer rechargeable battery life.

Anyway, the point of my blog is about the oral B replacement brushheads.  The brushheads are a bit expensive so last year I decided to buy the brushheads on ebay.  I thought it was strange that the packaging had german words on them.  Germany makes great reliable cars so I assumed the brushheads were equally the same.  And it was crazy cheap.  Everything was fine and dandy after using them.  Six months later, I didn’t think nothing of it, but I realized the blue replacement indicator wasn’t fading.  Weird.  With the mister’s brush, pieces of the plastic were breaking off and he said these brushheads suck.  Since my brushhead didn’t break, I thought maybe it was just a fluke.  I really should’ve replaced my brushhead after 3-6 months but I depend so much on the blue indicator.  I also noticed the bristles weren’t splaying like it usually does on the original brushheads.  Again, didn’t think anything of it.

It took my visit to the dentist to realize that I had a fake brushhead.  The dentist said the blue indicator was supposed to fade and the bristles are supposed to splay.  Using this brushhead was probably the reason why I started seeing stains in between my teeth for the first time.  I’ve never had stains before.  So let this be a lesson to all of you.  You pay more for a good brushhead for a reason.  Since my visit to the dentist, I bought a whole pack of brushheads at costco because I’m 100% sure they are authentic.  But I haven’t bought any from yet.  I’m not confident in the sellers enough to buy from them.

If you aren’t sure if you have an real or fake oral b brush head, I took the liberty of making a side by side comparison of real vs. fake.  You can also click on this link to tell you the differences (which is what I should’ve done in the first place).  The post talks about how to spot a fake.  Below are photos of the real and fake brushheads.  You can see a little bit of difference.  For the side by side comparison photos, the fake brushhead is on the left and has a blue color ring and the real brushhead is on the right and has the yellow ring.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Beware of buying fake brushheads.  You buy a cheap brushhead, you get a cheap brushhead.  After my visit to the dentist, I am now stain free.


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I got burned buying brusheads on Did you ever write P&G? I’m surprised they allow this to go on.

Comment by Rob

Sorry about your amazon experience. I’m never sure how reliable the sellers are on amazon unless reviewers write about it. No, I never did write to P&G. They probably don’t lose sales from companies that make imitations to even worry about it.

Comment by n9squared

I have the set that I have purchased at Costco, and they do not have serial number imprinted either. I do not think COstco sells fake stuff, but from what I read they sell some grey market products, not intended for US markets. I have received brush heads from ebay and they look as your description of genuine, but they do not have the imprint on it. I will see how long they will last.

Comment by george

By imprint, I mean the number in the small opening on the back (8th picture)

Comment by george

Thank you for this post. I just bought an imitation set of oral b toothbrush heads from ebay- seller: sars2309. Luckily I noticed straight away and I am returning product with a full refund. I will never again waste my time with cheap fakes from unauthorised sellers!

Comment by Marilena

One more sign: On Picture 8 you can see a little border/ring around the 3 holes, on the fakes it looks completely rounded.

Comment by Michael

Nina, thanks for the very informative comparison. The selling of these fakes is rampant. Sellers are making a good & quick buck on various auction sites & buyers are non-the-wiser.

Comment by Jello

get your head out of oral-b’s ass! have you seen the mark up these comanies put on stuff fare play to the fakers i think the brush heads are quality

Comment by mike

Hello Nina,
Thank-you for the enlightening piece on the oral B brush heads. I’m glad to finally find out the truth.
I was taken in also. I threw them out and dished out the big bucks for the real ones.

Best regards,
Mario Gomes

Comment by Mario Gomes

I purchased from Amazon and ebay. I got fake products both times. I emailed P&G, but they have never responded. I purchased original ones from P&G. Good article, thanks for pictures.

Comment by Brian

Thank you very much for your review! I’ve been asking sellers to confirm whether or not they have the serial number on the back… no reply yet, will let you know.

I’ve also contacted former buyers, who bought Oral B Precision Clean toothbrush heads a few months ago from this seller called pkol6427. We’ll see what they say further down the line…

It’s a relatively new seller – only selling for the past month, with 60 positive reviews or so, but given the numbers in the name, I can imagine that if they do sell fakes, then it’s because they’re forced to make new eBay usernames eventually – as people start reviewing them, etc.

I’ll keep you updated!

Comment by Art History X

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